“When her life fell apart and and became unbearable, Tessa slipped into the Spiritual World to hide, there she met a boy and set out to find him in real life. A story of love beyond love, an amazing grace active at work. A touching encounter that will make one realize who people are and how they are all connected to the ones they have met in their life time in a Spiritual Network, just like social networks Face-book or Tweeter, but to a much more reality in the spiritual world. Many are not aware that this world exists, yet it’s where real life takes place”.

After experiencing a supernatural presence, Tessa called it a “Spiritual Touch” and a “Waterfall of God’s Love” that poured on her like she was submerged under a waterfall. It enveloped her that she felt it physically. Christians refer to it as a baptism in the (Holy Spirit). Others have other names according to different beliefs and religions. Many have encountered it in different forms and situations. Overwhelmed, Tessa was left with an inspiring and amazing story to tell.


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