A WATERFALL NEW COVER CP frontA Waterfall of Agape Love is a religious novel that talks about spiritual love of God.  God has his ways of taking care of each one of us when earthly burdens land on our shoulders. He sends special people to aid and comfort us with a special love that heals, mends and cleanses.  A special love that has no barriers whatsoever, be it distance, age, language or race and it does not discriminate against strangers.  It’s not just any love, no, there is a hidden love that few, very few have found out about. Others, no matter how long they have lived here on earth, searched for it and thought they knew it, but never found it, experienced it or came across it.  Many have since gone to rest without ever knowing that it exists. There is more – it has to be triggered.  It lies right  there deep within oneself, hidden, waiting to be unveiled, to surface and do its miracles. It is Agape Love, a love beyond love, God’s love.

If you are an individual of faith and believe in God’s spiritual affairs, not coincidences, or you are just an “intimate” novels fanatic, you will enjoy reading this touching true story of how Tessa (not a her real name), a once high-class woman of substance and a Christian, found a fulfilling strange love she was not aware resided within her or existed anywhere in this world and how she experienced the physical, spiritual and emotional effects of its presence during a troubled time in her life, and got more than she was seeking in life.  She met a boy, Joseph (Jotta A) in the spirit and her life made another turn when she set out to look for him.

You will enjoy this christian faith inspirational story based on a true story.


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